Essential Wipes Tubes

Essential Wipes Tube 3 Pack


Product Description

Essential Wipes are great travel companions whether you are on an epic adventure or just want to be fresh after a work out.
A pack of three travel tubes will ensure that you have Essential Wipes wherever you are.

Essential Wipes are a great way to Save Water!

Favorite Ways and Places to Use Essential Wipes!

1.  Camping and Hiking
2.  Picnics and BBQ
3.  For Feminine Hygiene 
4.  Make Up Removal
5.  First Aid Kit/Emergency Preparedness
6.  Before and After Intimacy 
7.  Burning Man and Festivals
8. Bed Time Ritual 
9. Cleaning Sandal Feet
10. For Making Friends – Share an Experience!

The essential oils in each wipe are specifically combined to disinfect, clean, nourish, and sooth your skin, and they smell so refreshing you will feel like you just stepped out of the shower.

There are no additives and chemicals, only pure, therapeutic grade essential oils which means they are safe and naturally hypoallergenic.

Each tube contains 10 wipes.  Just add a little water to activate the wipe and enjoy.

*Always keep the tube closed when not using to ensure the Essential Wipes stay as fresh as possible for as long as possible.  The scent of essential oils will evaporate over time when the bag or the tube is not sealed.

Live Fresh, Play Fresh, Be Fresh

Additional Information

Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 3 x 1 x 4.375 in



  1. Thank you so much for producing such great products. I use the moisturizer daily, and feel that my skin is more smooth than ever before. The wipes are fantastic! I always keep a tube in my purse and am amazed at how often I find a use for them — after work, after the gym, and during the day. I only buy earth friendly products and so glad that I discovered these. Please keep producing such outstanding quality products. All the best, Eva

    Reviewed by: Eva F. from Walnut Creek, CA. on 10/29/2012

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